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For February’s pet of the month, Nouvel is featuring a beloved puppy Sophia Grace Burr but as most know her Scoober. Sophia was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia and taken on a truck to Pet Smart, where the store held an adoption weekend. In December 2018 a family of five happened to stop by and look at some of the puppies. That is when Sophia was spotted. She had the saddest eyes that were filled with hope of finding a forever family. It was love at first sight and her family knew that she was the perfect dog for them. That day they took her home and although it took a while for her to get comfortable in just a short couple of days it became apparent that Sophia and her family would have the closest bond. Sophia’s name was soon shortened to Sophie because it fit her sassy and silly personality better. As she continued to grow she began to look more and more like a very familiar famous character. Many people began to compare her looks to Scooby-Doo. With her brown fur, brown eyes, and dark black facial features there is a very similar resemblance. From then on she became known as Scoober. This December she turned six years old and is a very happy dog who receives plenty of love and treats. She spends most of her time playing outside or with her favorite toy which is her rope. Scoober also enjoys taking naps on her warm heated bed and hanging out with her family as well as her sister and her friends. She is very grateful for her new life and shows her love and appreciation through kisses.

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