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Mar 20

Recent School Shootings Show a Need for Mental Health Focus

Opinion Nicholas Fleming 18′ Staff Writer With the recent tragedy that fell upon the nation this past Valentine’s and Ash Wednesday, we saw the damage of what human mental conditions are capable of doing if left unchecked and are allowed to fester and grow. The vast majority of people have placed the blame on the guns …

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Feb 02

Trump’s SOTU Address

Nick Fleming Staff Writer On January 30th 2018, at roughly 9 pm eastern standard President Donald Trump gave the annual State of the Union Address, on Capital Hill going before congress and the whole nation. President Trump’s first year in office has been an unorthodox one as far as the usual president goes, his approval …

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Jan 17

March for Life

Miguel Jamie 19′ and Andrew Albers 19′ The March for Life is a very personal and uplifting experience. It is a very special time for the Sophomores that get to go on this trip to Washington and march for not just themselves, but for everyone who has suffered and everyone who will suffer. They will …

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Dec 16

Top Five Christmas Movies


Jacob Grigg ’17 Staff Writer 1. Elf- Arguably the greatest Christmas movie every created. Aside from the great plot, the film is full of great actors. Will Ferrell portrays the main character Buddy. The not so miniature elf is faced with a dilemma when he leaves the North Pole to go find his real family …

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Dec 01

Mig and Grigg: Favorite Holiday

Miguel Monroy 17’ When it comes to holidays nothing beats Christmas. The season of giving is upon us, and nothing beats that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you give that special someone a special gift. In addition to this, who does not like receiving gifts? It is a very awesome feeling knowing someone …

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