Oct 26

Nouvel Football: Playoff bound

Hey Panthers, your Nouvel Football team is going to the playoffs. They finished the regular season 6-3 and had a smothering 35-7 victory over Sacred Heart. Juniors Kenny Kujawa and Isiah Rosales both had touchdowns that game and Seniors Christian Mendyk had a touchdown and Tyler Sprague had 2. Friday, October 28 the Panthers travel to Breckenridge to play Breckenridge who ended the season (9-0) for the start of the playoffs. I asked one of Panther football players Miguel Monroy 17′ how they were going to do during the playoffs and he said “I think that we are going to do very good this year because we are very confident in the work we put in and we are confident in our coaches, that they will lead us to the endzone”. This is the first time Breckenridge has been to playoffs in over 20 years. GOOD LUCK PANTHERS AND BRING HOME SOME W’S!

Oct 24

Lady Panthers Set to Win

Matt Sullivan ’17
Staff Writer and Service Opportunity Editor

The Lady Panthers had a great weekend at Bendle, with a third place overall finish. According to Senior Emily Cho, “We did pretty well as a team overall, and we made it into the gold bracket. We ended up losing in the semi-finals and getting third place overall.” The Lady Panthers have done exceptionally well this season and have prevailed against some very tough opponents. On October 31st, the ladies have home court advantage as they face St. Louis for the first game of Districts. The match-up will also be a pink out, so NCC students are encouraged to wear as much pink as you can! Wishing the ladies the best of luck and beat St. Louis!!

Oct 24

Jeans vs Sweatpants

Jacob Grigg 17’

Miguel Monroy 17’


Jeans- Jacob Grigg

Let’s take into account that being comfortable isn’t the only factor in choosing your daily outfit. If I had the opportunity to wear jeans and sweatpants, I would choose jeans without thinking about it. With new innovations jeans are sometimes more comfortable than sweatpants. The overall look is nicer. Men look more presentable when they show up in jeans rather than sweatpants. As we age it is less acceptable for an adult to present themselves in sweatpants in public. Jeans are the overall better choice. Not only does it look nicer but a girl’s preference can easily change your mind. The more well-dressed you are the better you will perform in your environment. Remember dress to impress!

Sweatpants- Miguel Monroy

Easily the best days of the year are when we as students can wear sweatpants to school. I mean come on it is clear that these days are so much better than jeans days. Who doesn’t like coming to school just in total comfort. Being comfortable obviously leads better performance academically right? I mean like test scores have to be much higher right? I guess although I have no data to support these claims I still stand by them. So, I mean sweats over jeans no argument.

Oct 24

The Stan Krajkowski Memorial Patio

Alex Dwan 17′

Staff Writer

On October 14, 2016 not only did the Nouvel Panthers play the Game to Remember, but they also took time before the Game to Remember and honor Mr. Stan Krajkowski for what he has done for the Nouvel Family and this school. The new patio that you see to the left of the concession stand is now known as the Stan Krajkowski Memorial Patio. Asking the Head Football Coach Mike Boyd on why we decided to do this, he answered,”We know that we needed to do something in the memory of Stan and we had a spot in front of the garage that we could never get grass to grow, so we ultimately made the decision to put that patio there on that mud spot where he gave me so much of a hard time over.” On that note every time you go out to a football game or anything that is out there, please stop by and remember such a great man that did many great things for this community and school. He was the true example of what it meant to be a Panther.

Oct 24

Freshman Spotlight


Jacob Grigg 17’

Spotlight: Bregan Grigg


Q: What is your favorite part about Nouvel and why?

A: My favorite part about Nouvel would have to be the teachers, they’re very helpful and easy to talk to.

Q: What was your favorite thing about Homecoming week?

A: The Homecoming dance was my favorite part about Homecoming week, but I also liked getting dressed up throughout the week and getting to see all the girls and their dresses.

Q: If you could make changes within Nouvel that you’d like to see this year, what would they be?

A: Being able to have our phones out at lunch, and being able to wear colored socks.

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