Jan 17

March for Life

Miguel Jamie 19′ and Andrew Albers 19′

The March for Life is a very personal and uplifting experience. It is a very special time for the Sophomores that get to go on this trip to Washington and march for not just themselves, but for everyone who has suffered and everyone who will suffer. They will share with others their mind and beliefs about the tragedy that is happening everyday. Abortion. They will get to stand up for all of those who are not able to do it for themselves. They will rise up for all of those children of God who have not been given their chance at life that they deserve and the dignity that other people have stepped on that had no right to do so. This is the March for Life that our Sophomores will experience with so many others and will proudly step up for all of God’s children. This is the March for Life.


Safe travels to the Sophomores, parents and chaperones this weekend as they depart for Washington DC!

Jan 11

National Championship Game

Tyler Doyle 18′

Staff Writer

The Georgia Bulldogs look to take on the tide of Alabama in the National Championship football game. Both teams are composed of next level talent. Georgia’s running back, Nick Chubb, is star of the Bulldog’s offense while quarterback Jalen Hurts represents Alabama. Both teams are equally deserving of their spot in this game despite the controversy that undefeated U.C.F. should have been in this game. To start the game neither team could come up with scores. Fortunately, Georgia’s QB, Jake Fromm was able to lead the charge and get his team scoring. After this, Georgia led 13-0  and the legendary coach, Nick Saban from Alabama pulled Jalen Hurts out of the lineup to start the second half and played the backup QB Tua Tagovailoa in order to improve the team’s passing game, which evidently seemed to work. Alabama started to come back. The two teams continued to fight hard and it seemed to be that regulation time was not enough to declare a champion, so it went into overtime. The score was tied 20-20. This game marked only the second time ever that the Championship game went into overtime. Georgia struck first in overtime with a 51 yard field goal from Rodrigo Blankenship. However, freshman quarterback Tagovailoa answered with an impressive touchdown pass to put the game away. The final score of this thriller was Alabama 26 and Georgia 23. Not many championship games get this close.

Jan 11

Wrestling Update

Jacob Burr 19′

Sports Writer

Our wrestling team this year is combined with the Valley Lutheran Chargers. We have two wrestlers on the team. Kyle Lemanek senior, who went 2-0 yesterday in his quad at Hemlock. Kyle also got an impressive big win against a wrestler from Pinnconning who was wrestling for his 100th win. The other wrestler on the team is Joe Snachez a junior, who went 1-1 in his matches yesterday in Hemlock. This was their 4th competition of the year. Kyle Lemanek has started strong this year going for a total of 10-2 in his first 12 matches. Their next competition is this Saturday at Freeland, where they will compete in counties. After interviewing Kyle Lemanek, he had this to say,”I’ve tried really hard so far this year to become a better wrestler and leader for the team. So far I think that this has worked out extremely well for me and the team.” He seems to be very confident about his performance lately. So, make sure to come out and support our Kyle and Joe as they prepare to make it all the way to States!!!!!

Jan 09

Griffins Hockey Update

Steven Ray 18′


With the two games before Christmas the Griffins were able to continue their hot streak and are now 10 and 3. They extended their win streak up to nine games after wins against United and Eastside. They score of the United game was an 8-0 blowout. John Paul LeFevre scored two goals and Sean Nowosatka scored a goal as well with three assists from Kenny Kujawa. The score of Eastside was 9-3 with John Paul scoring two goals again and Sean had a goal finishing 2017 strong. However, so far 2018 has been an off year for the FNV hockey team. The Griffins first game of 2018 against the Bay Area Thunder is postponed and they lost against Davison this past Saturday 1-7. Adam Rivette was the only player to score from FNV. The team hopes to turn it around this week. They will play against the Tri-Valley Titans at the Saginaw Bay Ice Arena this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Then the Griffins play this Saturday the 13th going up against SCF at 1:00 p.m. The game will be at Flint Iceland. ‘We are going to try to make a come back these next few weeks,” says Sean. The FNV hockey team needs support this year so help them bring back their streak.

Jan 08

NCC Blood Drive

Joe Westhoff ’18

Staff Writer

This year’s blood drive held at Nouvel was nothing short of a success! There were 48 people who signed up and 40 pints of blood were collected in the drive. Despite our small school size, we still collect the most blood out of anyone in the area. Mr. Bartels, NHS Advisor  and Social Studies teacher, said, “We’re the smallest school they draw from, the next smallest being MLS with enrollment of about 230.  We collect more per year than all but four other high schools, all of which have much larger student populations to draw from… Students and their parents deserve a lot of credit…” Keep up the good work Nouvel and let’s try to get even more for our next blood drive in March!

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