Dec 05

Lady Panthers Soar Past Garber

Noah Himmelein ’17

Staff Writer

The Girls basketball team played this past Friday and beat Garber in a 59-50 event . Senior McKenzie Domine led the team with 23 points, with fellow Seniors Emily Felton adding 12 and Anna Buko scoring 8. Garber, late in the fourth quarter, tied up the game having an opportunity to take a lead but failing to do so. The Lady Panthers defense was able to shut down Garber in the paint as their coach Kimberly Klein said. “They extended that zone pretty far,” she said. “We were relying on that outside shot. You live by the three, you die by the three. We had no inside baskets.” The girls team will play Monday the 5th where they will be taking on MLS in an across town clash.img_3223-1 Photo by:

Dec 02

A Christmas Carol


Alex Dwan ’17

Staff Writer

The Nouvel student body will be breaking a leg in the winter play A Christmas Carol. The play will be performed on the dates of December 15-18 with the first three dates of the show starting at 7pm, and on Sunday the 18th a matinee show at 2pm . The leading role of Ebeneezer Scrooge, is played by the incomparable Shawn Penning. Some of the other notable seniors with big roles are Walker Wenzel as Bob Crachit and Christopher Gregory who is playing Scrooge’s nephew Fred. Asking senior Johnny Metiva how he thinks the performances will go, he stated, “I think the shows will go very well as we have a lot of veteran seniors as well as new faces including our new director, Ellen Francis, Mr. Kreger’s wife. The show should be great and I hope everyone comes out to see it!” So please come out and support our Panther community and these student-actors who have worked so hard on this production. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students.

Dec 01

Freshman Spotlight

Jacob Grigg 17′

Staff Writer

JohnPaul LeFevre


How is high school different than middle school?

“Better lunch ummm… I like the teachers ummm… I don’t know, bigger gym?”

What is your favorite and least favorite food?

Favorite: Hamburger

Least Favorite: Salad

What is your favorite holiday side dish?

“Mashed potatoes.”

Dec 01

Mig and Grigg: Favorite Holiday

Miguel Monroy 17’

When it comes to holidays nothing beats Christmas. The season of giving is upon us, and nothing beats that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you give that special someone a special gift. In addition to this, who does not like receiving gifts? It is a very awesome feeling knowing someone took the time to think of you and give you a gift. The gift itself may not be very impressive, but it is the gesture of giving is what really counts. Not to mention that Jesus was born on Christmas!

Jacob Grigg 17’

My favorite holiday is my birthday. Why? It’s obvious, I have my own personal day. You get to be the one special person and everyone tells you happy birthday. Not only is it about being recognized, but you get cake and presents. Who doesn’t like cake? Presents? Of course everyone loves presents. The best birthdays are always the ones that fall on a Friday so you can use the excuse to celebrate all weekend. Not only do you get special attention, you get excused of things like homework (certain teachers), and chores at home. Nothing is better than your birthday! Even though Christmas is pretty great, that follows in a close second.


Dec 01

Panther Bowling

Masey Seals ’17

Staff Writer

Panther bowling? Yes, you read that right! “Nouvel is now participating in bowling, for the first time in ages”, stated coach Meredith Adelman. Mrs. Adelman is excited for the season, she says that this season is about, ” having fun and getting better as a team”.  Practices will be held Tuesdays and Thursday at Le Fervre’s Family bowl, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. When tournaments begin they will be held on Saturdays, and will be played with a five man team and five women team. There will be two other competing schools and each school will face each other one at a time with the winner being decided by team scores. When asked about the season, Senior Noah Himmelein said, “It is going to be a great season I can feel it”. If you are interested in joining this incredible opportunity, there is still time to sign-up, for more information contact  Mrs. Adelman (room A105), right away.

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