Sep 21

Homecoming Issue 2017

Due to unforseen issues at the company that prints our Newspaper, we were not able to distribute the Homecoming Issue this week. Please accept our apologies and enjoy the issue digitally by clicking the links below!


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Sep 19

NHS Blood Drive


Steven Ray 18′


“We love our blood donors,” says Mr. Bartels enthusiastically. NHS has their first of three blood drives coming up on September 26th There is a bigger meaning to the NHS Blood Drive than just people giving blood. Donating your blood to the blood drive gives you the chance to save the life of somebody you may not even know. Last year, the blood drive saved countless lives with over 100 pints being donated throughout the year. The average for each blood drive was over 30 pints. President of NHS, Tommy Sapak mentions that, “The blood drive is a great service to the community.” If you want more information about this event or want to donate blood, please contact an NHS member, Mr. Bartels, or sign-up using the link below.

Sep 18

Boys Cross Country

Andrew Albers ’19

Staff Writer

The boys cross country team is off to a good start this year. There has been three meets this year at Birch Run, Carrollton and Lancer. However, there was a meet in Hemlock that was cancelled. At the Birch Run Early Invitational Sergio Molinar posted a 20:08.53, TJ Raedy 21:49.35, Chris Lemanek 21:56.59, Colton Mcrae 25:23.25, Max Bolzman 28:33.89, and Nathan Wardin 30:32:61. The team had another successful meet at Carrolton. The times were Chris Lemanek 20:55.87, TJ Raedy 21:16.28, Joe Bartels 21:38.11, Colton Mcrae 25:20.45, Nathan Wardin 29:36.38, and Max Bolzman with 29:42:42. The most recent event at Lancer was an eventful one with Sergio Molinar posting 19:11.17, Chris Lemanek 19:36.28, TJ Raedy 20;04.27, Joey Bartels 20:12.27, Joey Messana 22:03.26, Colton Mcrae 23:48.41, Max Bolzman 27:38.66, and Nathan Wardin 28:21.87. Junior Sergio Molinar gave his input on how this season has been going, “the season has been going great with our team of eight runners.” He goes on to say,” we have been dropping our times down each meet and have a chance to have runners eligible for the state meet.”

Sep 18

Rockin’ Songs of the Decades

Steven Ray ’18

Staff Writer

The songs of the 50’s through 80’s are now considered as classics. However, these songs created a strong culture for these decades as well. Many of these songs are still remembered and played today for the creativity that the artists displayed. In honor of this year’s Homecoming theme, here is the Top 10.

1. Jailhouse Rock– Elvis Presley, 1957
2. Runaround Sue– Dion, 1961
3. I Want to Hold Your Hand– The Beatles, 1964
4. What a Wonderful World– Louis Armstrong, 1967
5. American Pie– Don McLean, 1971
6. Lean on Me– Bill Withers, 1972
7. Piano Man– Billy Joel, 1973
8. Don’t Stop Believing– Journey, 1981
9. Eye of the Tiger– Survivor, 1981
10. Ebony and Ivory- Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, 1982

Sep 18

Homecoming 2017

Homecoming Week Events


Monday: 1/2 Day NCC Spirit

Tuesday: “Decades” Day– Seniors 80’s,

Juniors 70’s, Sophomores 60’s

And Freshmen 50’s

Wednesday: Mass, Dress-up

Thursday: Field Day, Nouvel Strong

Friday: 1/2 Day All-Out NCC Spirit

Pancake Breakfast

Homecoming Court Assembly

Parade 4:30PM

Alumni Football Game 5:30PM

NCC vs. Flint Beecher 7PM

Saturday: Homecoming Dance, 8-10PM


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