Law Day 2016

Photo submitted by: Morgan Velez

Photo submitted by: Morgan Velez


Morgan Velez ’16

Staff Writer

Nouvel won both the jury verdict and the technical score this year at Law Day.  Attorneys were John Metiva and Morgan Velez who were defense attorneys for the case.  The prosecution team was from Saginaw Career Complex.  Witnesses for the defense were Lilly Radke as the defendant, Espy Zelle, and Savannah Teneyuque.  These five met regularly with Mr. Bartels, the teacher/advisor, and Mr. Joe Harrison, Nouvel’s attorney advisor.  Together, they built a winning case and formulated the questions, opening and closing arguments that won the jury over.  Nouvel’s jurors were able to hear the mock trial presented by Frankenmuth and SASA.

The Saginaw Courthouse was filled with students from all high schools in the area April 28.  The student attorneys and witnesses get the opportunity work with an actual lawyer, their attorney advisor, prior to the case.  Then, on Law Day, they try their case in front of a real judge, in an actual courtroom.  Students from other schools make up the jury that announces the verdict.  After the trial, the judge stays behind to talk to the students about their performance.  A lunch follows the trials where the technical score winners are announced.

Each year, teams receive a packet of exhibits, witness testimonies, and a summary of facts that helps them build their case whether they are assigned to be the defense or the prosecution.  This year, the case was about the importance of Miranda rights and a surprise drug inspection that found drugs in the defendant’s locker.  Metiva and Velez were able to show enough doubt so that the jury had to announce a verdict of “Not Guilty”!


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