Shoe Spotlight of the Month

imageAnthony Carrasquillo

Staff Writer ’23

Our Nominee for Shoe Spotlight for the month of September goes to Senior Annalaura Dellamarca. For this edition, Anna decided to wear her nice Jordan 4’s in the colorway “Love for the Game”, which are an elegant pair of luxurious shoes, that are also one of the most sold pairs in the Jordan Market! Anna is grateful for being able to wear such an exquisite pair of shoes and hopes you guys like them as much as she does.

Where did you get the inspiration to get these shoes?

“I saw them on the internet and they were heat so you know I had to get them.”

What makes these shoes so special to wear?

“They make me feel taller and I like feeling at least a little bigger, I’m kinda (sic) short“

Would you recommend these shoes to someone else and why?

“Yes! They will make whoever is wearing them instantly feel drippier and taller. I definitely recommend them”


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