2014 Wrap-Up/2015 Predictions

Jason Russell ’16

Staff Writer

2014 was a very exciting year, filled with many highs and many lows…

Sports: You can’t talk about sports in 2014 and not bring up the name LeBron James. Lebron chose to come home to his home state, Ohio, and return to his former team the Cleveland Cavilers. Lebron was drafted by the Cavilers in 2003, and then in 2010 his contract was up and he decided to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. But in 2014, LeBron made the somewhat surprising decision to come home to Cleveland.

Entertainment: The much talked about movie The Interview, was banned from all theaters in the United States. The film involves comedians Seth Rogan and James Franco, on a mission to kill North Koreas leader, Kim Jong Un. In June 2014, the North Korean government threatened “merciless” action against the United States if the film’s distributor, Columbia Pictures, went ahead with the release. Columbia delayed the release from October 10 to December 25, and reportedly edited the film to make it more acceptable to North Korea. Select theaters are now showing the film, and can also be purchased online for little to no cost depending on what site you use.

Politics: ISIS, an abbreviation of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is a Sunni jihadist extremist group rampant in Iraq and Syria. ISIS in its endeavor has created a horrifying and well known image; that of killings, crucifixions, public executions, and other violent acts. It is responsible for the attacks on several military and government bodies and the killing of thousands of civilians.

Health: The Ebola breakout was a crisis that took the attention of practically the whole world, and was a horrible virus that killed many. The 2014 Ebola epidemic is the largest in history, affecting multiple countries in West Africa, and was even brought to some states in the U.S. In the U.S., there were 4 total confirmed cases, and only 1 death. Total, there are 8168 deaths and 13,184 cases. For the most part Ebola has been contained and has been out of the news for awhile now, but the virus is still going around. Thankfully, there haven’t been any cases since October 4th, and the last person dying October 10th.

World: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on Saturday, March 8th. Despite being the largest and most expensive search in aviation history, there has been no confirmation of any flight debris resulting in a lot of people being suspicious about its disappearance. This plane had 239 total people on the plane (including crew member), and is still missing. It is said that it disappeared some where over the south China sea.

Nouvel: The legacy of Nouvel sports continued in 2014 with yet another state championship. The team coached by Mary Jo Skiendziel,won the class C girls basketball state championship. The girls defeated St. Ignace in the championship game at the Breslin Center, 62-40. This was the girls second appearance at the Breslin in two years, losing in the semi-finals in 2013.


Taehlor Rapin

Staff Writer ’16

Here are some predictions for the new year!


  • My prediction for Nouvel in the new year is that girls basketball will end their season with another state championship to win back to back years. They are starting the season strong with a new coach and a 5-3 record.
  • We will have a total of 4 snow days this year

Economy: Gas prices will rise again to exceed four dollars

Entertainment: Kim and Kanye will have another baby and name it South West


  • North Korea and South Korea will resolve their differences and become one country
  • Plant earth will come in contact with aliens from another planet

Health: The United States will have another epidemic that will cause much panic called Ebol”b”


  • The New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl
  • The Warriors will win the NBA Championship
  • The Detroit Tigers will win the World Series
  • The Chicago Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup
  • The USA women’s soccer team will win the FIFA World Cup

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