b4 foundation
Ella Wolinski

Staff Writer ’25

Brady Hessbrook was an alumnus of Ithaca High School and went to Wayne State University after graduating to continue his football career. He was the quarterback for four years on varsity. Sadly, Brady struggled with depression that led to taking his own life in January of 2023. In the hope of helping others in this situation, his family founded the B4Foundation as a suicide prevention and education outreach program. This also honors the life of Brady Hessbrook. The Nouvel community continued to show support as we played Ithaca this past Friday. To honor him at the Ithaca vs. Nouvel football game Friday night there were several contributions to empathize with the community. There was a 50/50 drawing that all the proceeds went to the B4Foundation. In addition, some students sold B4Foundation shirts and bracelets. The P.A.W.S. program created signs to hang up around the football field fence too. Before the start of the football game, Fr. Steve Gavit said a prayer in loving memory of Brady. Last Wednesday the football team came together and had a team dinner all wearing B4Foundation shirts. In the summertime at the Barb Smith Walk for Hope, some football players walked in remembrance of Brady. September is suicide prevention month, so this all ties into it. This week Tuesday (9/12) there is a pay to wear jeans day with all the proceeds going directly to the B4Foundation. Mr. Hessbrook is coming to Nouvel on Wednesday to tell Brady’s story and talk to us about not being alone. In total, as the Nouvel community, we raised $1,536.

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