COVID-19 Shuts Down High School Sports

JohnPaul LeFevre 20′

Harry Dwan 20′

In the wake of the infamous Covid-19 outbreak, nearly every event in the world has shut down, and high school sports are not immune. Many high school teams across the nation were gearing up for play off runs, however, their season would end much sooner than they expected. All winter sports have been cancelled due to Covid-19, leaving teams wondering what could have been. The senors have been hit the hardest with this cancellation because this marks an end of their high school sport careers, coming without any notice. As of now all high school sports in Michigan have been delayed till at least April 13, to fall in line with Gov. Gretchen Whitmers “Stay home, Stay safe” orders. The situation is changing every day but many student athletes are hoping for a quick and safe end to the virus so that sports can start back up in the spring.

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