Best Christmas Gifts for Friends and Family!


Jessenia Olascuaga 23′

Staff  Writer

With Christmas around the corner, many people scramble to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. Some may struggle more than others and for that reason, here are some gifts you might find to be perfect for the people you love. If you are looking for a gift for your significant other, you might want to consider something like a movie kit, which can be something you both can enjoy. You can include things such as popcorn and popcorn buckets, their favorite candies, a gift card for food so you can order in, and their favorite drinks. When looking for gifts for your father, you might want to look into gifts related to their favorite sports team or hobbies. For example, my dad loves the University of Michigan football team and his favorite hobby is grilling. A gift I would get for him would likely be Michigan apparel or even things for his grill. When shopping for your mother you can never go wrong with scented lotion, soaps, or candles. Another option is jewelry of some sort such as a necklace or bracelet. Mothers usually love anything you get them but if you want to be extra sweet, these are just a few things a mother might enjoy. If you are looking for gifts for your siblings, the best choice would likely be a gift card for their favorite restaurant. The best way to your sibling’s heart is food and if you give them a gift card for food, they may just invite you to join them… or not. Shopping for a friend can be a little more tricky, especially since you may not be around them as much as your family. When it comes to your friends, a good choice may be some hoodies, a blanket, or even snacks. Hoodies and blankets are something that can be used all year round and your friend is sure to enjoy a cozy time to themselves or with you, enjoying their snacks and their fuzzy new blanket. Hoping for all the best in your Christmas shopping and Have a very Merry Christmas Nouvel!!

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