Thoughts on Valentines Day…

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Rylei Muter ’23

Staff Writer

February 14th is widely known throughout the world as the day of love, Valentine’s day. This day was originally started as a day of celebration for the Saint Valentine of Rome who lived during the third-century. Even though very little is known about Saint Valentin, many common stories on Saint Valentine have been passed down through generations. This is an example of one of the stories of Saint Valentine:

 It has been said that Saint Valentine’s mission in life was to open people’s hearts to Christianity. As a Roman priest, he was on a mission to share the story of God. During this time in Rome though, Christians were being persecuted by the ruling emperor Claudius Gothicus. Saint Valentine helped aid persecuted Christians in Rome and would marry Christian couples in secret. Soon, word of what Saint Valentine was doing reached the Emperor’s ears and he was arrested. Emperor Claudius gave Saint Valentine the option to either renounce his faith or be beaten with clubs and beheaded. Saint Valentine refused to renounce his faith to God so on February 14th he was executed outside the Flaminian Gate. We now celebrate this day as a time to remember Saint Valentine; the love he shared for God and for the marriage of couples. 


Julia Haddad ’24

Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday when lovers, relatives, friends etc., express their affection with greetings and gifts. It could be a controversial holiday where many people love it, others hate it and maybe even some that love to hate it.

Here are some opinions from students…

Ava Trevino- “I love Valentines Day because it’s a day to celebrate the love you have for someone.”

Max Novak- “I don’t like the holiday Valentines Day because I never had a girlfriend and I’m always sitting home alone watching football.”

Brady Kingsbury- “ I really enjoy Valentine’s day because I get to seize the opportunity to show my appreciation and love for the people I love.”

Ryan Schwartzly- “I don’t like the holiday Valentines Day because it’s super cheesy, and over rated.”

Matthew Hartwell- “I love the holiday Valentine’s Day because it’s nice to spend it with someone you love.”

Alexis Kuligowski- “I kind of like Valentine’s Day because it’s a cute idea, but at the same time I find it disrespectful towards those who don’t have anyone to share their love with.”

Iris Patel- “I hate Valentine’s Day because it’s depressing and a cheap way for everyone to show their fake love to each other.”

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