Is it Worth the Wait?- Exit 13

Exit 13

Mackenzie Sprague and Marinna Collison

Staff Writers

Exit 13 is worth the wait! There are many haunted houses around Michigan and Exit 13 is one many talk about. I wanted to see if Exit 13 was worth the hype and it is, though the line is very long and a bit pricy the haunted house itself was scarier then you could imagine. It’s inside, and as soon as you walk in many of the actors come out to jump scare you right from the start. You can tell they put many details into each room and the actors defiantly don’t disappoint. You’re in the haunted house for only about 20 minutes and there’s always something new and different to be looking at there’s also obstacles inside.┬áIn addition to getting scared a lot, you also climb through tunnels and walls which makes the experience better. You also have the option if you would like to be touched or not by the actors, as soon as you walk in there’s glow sticks you can grab to show the actors you would like to be touched if you don’t want to you simply just don’t wear one. Overall, I do recommend going to Exit 13.

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