Ginger of the Month – November

Photos by: Mason Sheridan

Photos by: Mason Sheridan

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Mason Sheridan ’20

Staff Writer

This month’s Ginger of the Month is Maddi Copus ’21. Maddi is known for being the clumsiest person at Nouvel, tripping over herself almost everywhere. Maddi is quite the fashionista, sporting her Canadian Goose jacket and did I mention that the jacket is Canadian Goose? Yeah. I Know. Designer, we get it. Maddi rocks around the Nouvel halls with her fiery red hair, being known for looking like Merida from the Disney Movie, Brave.

Maddi has fallen walking UP the stairs, severely bruising her knee and injuring herself. Also, she ran into the gym wall and disloacted her elbow, trying to show 6th graders proper form at a volleyball camp sponsored by Nouvel. While also being one of the lucky gingers to roam Nouvel’s halls, Maddi is also a star athlete on the Nouvel Panthers Varsity Volleyball, helping lead the team to a District Championship title.

If you see Maddi in the halls, make sure you congratulate her on this glorious achievement!

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