Exam Prep Strategies


Emily Kalinowski ’19

These are a few strategies that will help you to get ready for exams:

  1. Get plenty of sleep before the exam. Don’t spend your sleep time cramming for an exam! Studies show that students that get plenty of sleep the night before the exam rather than staying up to study actually perform better on the exam.
  2. Ask your teacher. It may be beneficial to ask your teacher what topics to study for the exam/ how to study for their exam.
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast/ drink plenty of water on the day of your exam. You’re going to need a lot of energy for your exams. Eating unhealthy foods will decrease your energy and focus.
  4. Stop procrastinating and cramming– Cramming actually isn’t very effective, since it means you have to sacrifice your sleep time. In addition, remember that you need to give yourself enough time to study. You want to start studying early. To plan your study time effectively, make a schedule that includes time set just for studying for exams.
  5. Find you preferred method of studying– Some methods that might help you to study are- using an outline, making notecards, reviewing with a study group, make charts and/or graphs, or even create some mnemonic devices.

NCC  January 2019   Exam Schedule:
Fri, Jan 11: 1st hour from 8:30–10am and 4th hour from 10:30am til noon
Mon, Jan 14: 2nd hour from 8:30–10am and 6th hour from 10:30am til noon
Tues, Jan 15: 3rd hour from 8:30–10am and 7th hour from 10:30am til noon
Wed, Jan 16: 5th hour from 8:30–10am and makeups from 10:30am til noon

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