Dec 08

Boys Basketball Begins

Kyle Allen 18′ and Alex Wrobel 18′

Staff Writers

Boys Basketball began this week against St Charles high school on Tuesday, December 5th. The team this year consists of four seniors and six juniors. The game on Tuesday ended with a score of 51-40 in favor of St. Charles. The top scorer of the night was Chris Lemanek with 16 points and three 3 pointers. When asked about the upcoming season, Isiah Rosales stated “All of us are very fired up and plan to pick back where we left off last season… Even though we lost some of our top scorers we have guys that will be able to come out and bring the same scoring power this year.”

Last season, the boys had a phenomenal season and made it to the regional finals before falling to Beaverton High School. This season, the boys plan to bring that same fire to their game and make it back and win a Regional championship this year. Our boys only had one full week of practice and will definitely be able to pick up momentum with their next game, today at Valley Lutheran. Tip off starts at 7:00PM tonight and everyone should be there to come out and support.

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