Jan 11

National Championship Game

Tyler Doyle 18′

Staff Writer

The Georgia Bulldogs look to take on the tide of Alabama in the National Championship football game. Both teams are composed of next level talent. Georgia’s running back, Nick Chubb, is star of the Bulldog’s offense while quarterback Jalen Hurts represents Alabama. Both teams are equally deserving of their spot in this game despite the controversy that undefeated U.C.F. should have been in this game. To start the game neither team could come up with scores. Fortunately, Georgia’s QB, Jake Fromm was able to lead the charge and get his team scoring. After this, Georgia led 13-0  and the legendary coach, Nick Saban from Alabama pulled Jalen Hurts out of the lineup to start the second half and played the backup QB Tua Tagovailoa in order to improve the team’s passing game, which evidently seemed to work. Alabama started to come back. The two teams continued to fight hard and it seemed to be that regulation time was not enough to declare a champion, so it went into overtime. The score was tied 20-20. This game marked only the second time ever that the Championship game went into overtime. Georgia struck first in overtime with a 51 yard field goal from Rodrigo Blankenship. However, freshman quarterback Tagovailoa answered with an impressive touchdown pass to put the game away. The final score of this thriller was Alabama 26 and Georgia 23. Not many championship games get this close.

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