Jan 03

CAN Council

Kyle Allen 18′ and Alex Wrobel 18′

Staff Writer

The Nouvel Christian Leadership class takes a trip to the CAN Council every year. The class took a visit the Tuesday before Christmas break and did various things to help out the organization. CAN Council is the Child Abuse and Neglect Council and take in and interview children who may get abused or neglected by their parents or guardian. The greater goal of the organization is to stop child abuse and put in efforts year round to do so.They have separate rooms where they place the children in for their interview to make them feel more comfortable. Students got the opportunity to visit the CAN Council ourselves and learned all about what they do. Everyone there is very humble and driven to help the children that are in need each and everyday. Some of the workers shared their stories of the rough child hood they had and have taken it upon themselves to try and stop it from happening in the next generations of children. The CAN Council takes volunteers and anyone who is interested in volunteering can call (989) 752-7226 to get started today. It is a great cause and any one given the opportunity to see that will tell you the same.

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