FNV Hockey Update

Photo from: Freeland High School Athletics

Photo from: Freeland High School Athletics

Steven Ray 18′


The FNV Hockey team is hot right now. The have a record of 6-2 while having a 5 game win streak right now. The senior assistant captain Sean Nowosatka said, “I am very happy with how the team has performed so far and I hope that we can continue this throughout the year.” Additionally after having a concussion Sean hopes to return to the team quickly. The hockey team had no doubts about themselves in their recent wins. They beat SCF 9 to 1, after four goals from the captain Kenny Kujawa and two assists from John Paul Lefevre. The FNV team also beat Alliance, who are the top team in the Mid-Michigan Hockey Conference as of now, 5 to 1. In this game Kenny scored a goal with in assist and John Paul had the same stats as well. The next game for the Griffins will be this coming Friday, the 15th against Negaunee in Petoskey. That game is followed by one Saturday the 16th against Dearborn Unified in Petoskey. Come out and support the Griffins hockey team during their hot streak.

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