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Alex Wrobel 18′ and Kyle Allen 18′

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“It really got started when one of our players mother was diagnosed was cancer, but its more then that, it’s for all the loved ones that we have lost within the Nouvel community”, Coach Boyd stated. As a big part of the Nouvel community, this month┬ámeans a lot to head coach Mike Boyd. The Game to Remember is more than just a game. It is a time to remember those who have lost their lives. Not just for breast cancer, but also for anyone who has lost their life.

A pink out is tradition for the Nouvel, “Game to Remember”. Additionally there will be wristbands at the front gate before the Panther kickoff at 7:00 p.m. on October the 20th. The nouvel boys football team will be wearing stickers on the back of their helmets to remember and honor family members they may have lost. They will also be showing their support by wearing pink socks. Also, it is senior night and they will be honored before kickoff at 7pm.

There will be banners and many other events sponsored by the NCC PR class, set around the school. A banner will be left in the hallway with markers for anyone to write the name of their loved one they would like to pray for or that they may have lost. The markers will be all different colors as a representation of all the different types of cancer. Shirts will also be sold at lunches and in the attendance office for $10 with all funds going toward the Seton Cancer Institute.

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