Top 5 “Lucky” Charms

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Blake Heinz ’16

Staff Writer

St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner which brings us our next Top 5 article. There are so many different items that are thought of as “lucky charms”.
The cereal Lucky Charms did not make the cut, however, if you are ever looking for a good breakfast cereal for a “healthy” start of your day, try it.

1. Four Leaf Clover- This is a staple for St. Patrick’s day. This item is not found too often however. This good luck charm has been around for ages originating in Ireland. Many kids go around during this time a year in hope to find one of these.

2. Horse Shoe- In an ancient folk tale it is believe that a blacksmith banished the devil from his house by using a horse shoe. So, by this logic if you are positive you have the devil in your house get out a horse shoe for assistance.

3. Pennies- It is common to find random pennies on the ground, but it is said to only take it if it is heads up. Despite pennies being worth virtually nothing in today’s society, it does not mean that they will not bring luck your way.

4. Rabbit Foot- This distinguished good luck charm is seen throughout our society today, although we do not know the exact origin of the rabbit foot giving good luck. Many believe that it started in the south with the African- American society when they were slaves and needed good luck. This good luck charm can also act as a cool key chain to spice up your keys.

5. The number 7- The number 7 is known around the world as being “lucky.” For Instance, there are seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas and seven┬ácontinents, so this number is used regularly. Make sure whenever you need a lucky┬ánumber choose the number 7.

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