Big Ten vs. SEC

Each week, seniors Jacob Grigg and Miguel Monroy will face off on a fun topic giving you their thoughts and views! Is their a topic you would like to see them discuss? Tell us your suggestions in the comments below!

Jacob Grigg 17’

The Big Ten conference is overall better than the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Before you assume that I am just a kid living in the great state of Michigan, following up on my dad’s alma mater and his love for the Big Ten, you are wrong. I was born in Louisiana and follow up with the consistently. The Big Ten is tight in the AP poll and is spread throughout the AP top 25 with three teams in the top ten. Of course Alabama rolls every team they play, but that’s just one team. The SEC has not been dominant this year, with few teams spread out throughout AP top 25, only Alabama is in the top ten. Overall, the Big Ten is dominant and will continue in the future.

Miguel Monroy 17’

Football is king in the south and teams in the Southeastern Conference dominate the college football landscape. As of today the SEC has 6 teams in the AP Top 25 Football Rankings which is more than two more than the Big Ten. Also, the SEC has produced 8 of the last 10 national champions, so if that is not utter dominance I do not know what is. Furthermore, going into the 2015 NFL season the SEC accounted for more than 300 players total, while the Big Ten lagged behind with just 224 players. Plus, the best coach in the Big Ten, Urban Meyer, made his name coaching in the SEC. Sure the Big Ten might be good this year with Michigan, Ohio State, and Wisconsin, but the SEC has been consistently dominant over the past ten years, and teams like Alabama will continue the SEC stranglehold on College Football.

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