Summer Movie Preview: June

Andrew Albers ’19

Staff Writer

Must see movies this June:

The Incredibles 2

If you’ve seen the first Incredibles movie made by Pixar than you know that this is one of the most anticipated animated films of all time. The action picks up right where it left off as the Underminer attempts to take over the world. In the new movie set to come out June 15, 2018, the Parr family will fight off crime while also maintaining their normal lives. This super hero family wont be the only ones fighting crime with their long time friend Frozone accompanying them on their mission. Along with fighting the mischievous Underminer they will also battle Screenslaver who is just as dangerous.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

After the amusement park is devastated on Isla Nublar and everyone evacuates the island. Owen Grady (played by Chris Pratt) returns after many years have passed to save all of the dinosaurs from the imminent eruption of a volcano that is now active. If you have seen the  original Jurassic park movies directed by Steven Spielberg then you will be in for a real surprise with Jeff Goldblum making a cameo.This movie is setting up to be another instant classic with the amazing special effects and intriguing plot. I would highly recommend going to see this movie as they are always action packed and a good time.

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