Syria For Dummies

Bryan Fettig ’14

Staff Writer

This is the basic breakdown of the Syrian conflict:

The issues in Syria date back to 2011 when populations throughout the middle east caught revolution fever. These revolutions were in response to dictators and government brutality. Syria has had one of the longest revolutions out of all the countries and it has now developed into a civil war. Members off the Anti Assad may be connected to Al Queda and it is unknown how many rebels are connected. The crisis in Syria is on going and we are now contemplating intervention.

We were contemplating intervention due to the chemical air strike on innocent civilians. The chemical attack is estimated to have killed 1400 people. The chances of us intervening are smaller than earlier this month due to the deal we made with Russia and Syria which requires Syria to hand over their weapons to the UN. The gas they used in the attack is known as Sarin which shuts down your nervous system and bodily functions. Some people would like to charge Bashar Al Assad with war crimes, but there is not enough evidence that points to him for the attack. Some people believe the rebels are responsible in an effort to get support from foreign nations.  Some problems with a U.S military intervention is that we are thinner than usual when it comes to man power, there is debt left over from the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our recovering economy and, the final reason, the concern of retaliation from Assad (a brutal dictator) and the rebels (who may be terrorists). Another concern is the fear of we going in and a possibly launching another  war.


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