October 2023: National Dessert Day!

dessertCindy Rishmawi

Staff Writer ’25

October 14th is National Dessert Day! This means you will be able to have any type of your favorite desserts and enjoy it! National Dessert Day still isn’t known as to why it is on October 14th, however, desserts date back all the way to before the Middle Ages. The Egyptians made sweets using dates and honey allowing the making of desserts to eventually spread to the whole world. The top 5 favorite desserts in the world could be some you’ve never tried before and could try this October.


The top #5 is Doughnuts, made in America. This is one of the classical desserts that is loved globally reaching beyond the United States. It offers different flavors, blends of other favorite sweets, and other many creative ways to make a doughnut in different ways! Top #4 is Wagashi, made in Japan. This is a sweet that’s made from natural, plant-based ingredients that are found in Japan such as azuki beans and grains. This is normally served with tea and designed as a cherry blossom during spring but can be designed into many designs that aren’t only just a cherry blossom. This sweet dates back to over two thousand years ago when it was first created. Top #3 is Brownies, which are another favorite sweet from the United States as they can be eaten cold or hot with chocolate fudge. It can include nuts, ingredients inside like double chocolate or caramel, and other ways that you can eat it to make it enjoyable to you. This was made so that you could carry it around in a lunchbox which is why it has a square appearance.


Top #2 is Cupcakes, made in America. This is like a cake, but only smaller, so that you can enjoy the smaller desserts! Cupcakes have many flavors of batter, different frostings, and different wrappings for any and every occasion, weddings, birthdays, etc. The cake was made before cupcakes so they reduced the cakes into cupcakes since it is much easier to distribute a small cake. This ended up being a recipe that was passed down from generation to generation. Finally, the top #1 sweet is Mochi, made in Japan. These are tiny cakes that were made from glutinous rice and can be molded into various shapes which are usually filled with red bean paste. There are many flavors of mochi, but they are usually involving nuts, fruits, or ice cream. Mochi is often decorated in a really cute style and is the most favorite dessert based on 2023 results.

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