rbc 2Anthony Carrasquillo

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Retro bowl college is the new and improved version of the early 2020 release  “Retro Bowl”. This spinoff was released in September 2023 and is already a huge hit. With almost identical gameplay to the original, retro bowl college brings in some crazy game features to help you guide your team to be the best they can possibly be. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

  • Morale – Morale determines how happy or satisfied a player is. Poor player performance leads to worse morale, while good performance leads to good morale. Low morale means receivers and running backs are more prone to fumbling. Also defensive players are more likely to miss tackles with low morale.
  • Gpa – If players have a too low gpa, they can get temporarily suspended. It’s just another thing you have to pay attention to, something like the condition feature in the original.
  • College years – You only get players for 4 years, so be mindful of how you choose to develop your players throughout that time.
  • Job offers – Job offers take a while to come your way so you have to be patient and win consistently.
  • Variety – Players have a huge variety on what team they want to manage and play for.

With all these features you are guaranteed to have a fun time with this incredible realistic college football simulation game.

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