Club Spotlight (Spirit Club)

student sectionPhoto Credits: Mike Kolleth at

Cooper Swackhamer

Staff Writer ’24

Seniors Giorgio Fabiano and Lauren Zamora will lead the Nouvel Spirit Club for the 2023-24 school year. So far, Nouvel has had two home football games, which also brings along the student section. The first home game of the season against Flint Beecher was short-lived, but in that time Nouvel tallied 13 points and the student section was excited to be back, with Giorgio and Lauren leading chants and getting everyone loud. In the second Home game against Ithaca, Giorgio and Lauren brought shakers and a speaker to get everyone in the student section more excited to have a full game. More home games are to come with the next one being homecoming against Michigan Lutheran Seminary and more fun to be had in the student section. The next game is at Valley Lutheran on Friday, September 15th. A close by game for the student section to be at.

For all the themes for upcoming games go to @nccpantherprint and @nccspiritclub on Instagram for updates!

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