Where has the Weight Room Been?


Christian Zamora 22′

Staff Writer

Where has the weight room been? As many people may know we have a weight room here at Nouvel that is open to all of the students. Even though the weight room is open to the students its never truly open. The weight room hasn’t truly been open to the students since the start of the pandemic or the middle of the 2019-2020 school year. I have heard many things as to why the weight room isn’t open such as there isn’t anyone to staff or its too dangerous without supervision. I feel that the weight room should be open to the student body regardless of short staff or issues with scheduling.

Many of the reasons that I have heard that the weight room is closed is because there is no staff to run it. There are many things that we as a school can do to fix this problem. Recently, our new trainer, Mr. Torres has been available Monday-Thursdays from 4-5PM.  But, perhaps there are others, such as a coach or parent that could also open the weight room after school and monitor the students using it.

There are other forms of surveillance that we can use to monitor the students who participate in using the weight room after school hours. One of these methods, which we have installed, is a camera to monitor the weight room. So if there can not be an adult to monitor the students there are always cameras to monitor the students.

An argument that often comes is without an adult people can get hurt. My answer to this argument is that even with an adult people can still get hurt all an adult provides is supervision and a witness to attest what happens if something does happen to someone.

There should be no excuse that the weight room should not be open after school. The only people that seem to use it at this point is the coaches for specific sports that are in season as right now basketball is the only people to use the weight room. The weight room should be open to all of the student body due to us having proper surveillance and each other to rely on for help if someone were to get injured.

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