Hallmark Movies and Holiday Fun



Holiday Fun

Theresa LeFevre ’22

Staff Writer

As the holiday season continues, the holiday activities must continue as well. Put on your comfy, fuzzy Christmas socks and favorite Christmas sweater, and grab a cup of hot cocoa because here is a list of some fun holiday activities you can do while staying safe. Starting with making some sugar cookies with family or friends, if you’re not the best baker, decorating a gingerbread house is still fun and less messy. If you are more the stay at home type of person, a great idea is having a Hallmark movie marathon (see Jenna’s recommendation below!). Don’t forget to throw in a matching pair of pajamas and put up some Christmas decorations. If you can’t stand sitting on a couch all day, try going ice skating with some friends. If it snows, there are always outdoor activities such as sledding, skiing, snowboarding, building a snowman, or having a snowball fight. Or you could watch a Christmas light show, turn on some Christmas music, and relax. Finally, if you want to spend some time with friends, having a white elephant or secret Santa gift exchange is a fantastic idea. Remember, make sure to stay safe and healthy, while having fun!


Christmas Comes Twice: Movie Review

Jenna Kiss ’21

Staff Writer 

Who doesn’t love to cozy up in the winter and watch a Hallmark Movie? I have recently watched “Christmas Comes Twice”¬† on the Hallmark Channel. This was one of this year’s new movies and I rate it a 7/10. The movie was about a girl, Sherill, going back to her home town during Christmas. She is unsatisfied with her job because it isn’t what she truly wants to do. Sherill also regrets being so busy and not spending enough time with those who mean a lot to her. After saying how she wishes she could go back 5 years and not take the job she has, she rides a carousel that takes her back in time to that week. As you can probably already predict, while she’s living in her past she fixes everything. You’re probably wondering where does she find love? Don’t worry, her rival from her high school science competition comes into the story. You can already guess they reunite and fall in love. This movie had a cute plot but I was not a fan of Sherill going back in time to fix everything. These types of plots are the easiest to predict and I think the producers could have thought of something more creative. Besides that, I loved the theme of the movie about doing what makes you happy and make sure you spend time with all those you love.



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