A Glimpse Into Father Adam’s Life

Graham Wolinski ’22

Video Announcements Producer


    Many people now have heard that Nouvel has a new campus minister, Father Adam.  As many of you know, he is very passionate about his faith! Father Adam has been in the priesthood for two years, and knew he wanted to be a priest because he felt God calling to him in adoration. Father is from Port Sanilac and was once a teacher. In his free time he loves to dance, workout, and play basketball. He likes to listen to worship music and to Bryann Trejo. All twelve of his tattoos are symbolic to Jesus, and Father Adam’s secret talent is he can walk on his hands. He likes Michigan football and maintains a great vibe by praying to Jesus. He is passionate about Jesus and loves spreading the good news. Check out his latest Monday Message below, and he also has a Tik Tok which is: @fr.adam52, so go follow him!



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