Justin Preston ’21

Staff Writer 

We are finally back for another school year but with a lot of changes. Initially, these changes resulted in some of the fall sports getting canceled. This allowed for people to try a different sport. The tennis team gained six players from the football team. The team was doing well for the first few games, going 5-0-1. However, once the Governor finally decided to allow the football team to play their season, the football players on the tennis team were forced to choose,  quitting tennis to play football.

Despite the setback, the team is now 8-1-2. Said Senior Ben Clevenger, “Our season is going petty well this year. We are playing a lot better than expected seeing how we’ve lost seven players from last year.  It is going to be very difficult because the football players who played made up a good amount of our team, but we feel really confident to make a run to the state tournament.”


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