What I Did on My Summer Vacation: Quarantine Edition

summer vacation

Jenna Kiss ’21

Staff Writer


This year, summer vacation was a little different thanks to the Quarantine. This is what some of your fellow Panthers were up to while stuck at home!

“I woke up, worked out, did my homework, and made a lot of smoothies. I painted a picture of a place in Italy and played games with my family” -Katie Sullivan ‘21


“Over quarantine, I binged watched Netflix Glee and a weird show with my sister. I spent my free time coloring.”  – Bella Dobson ‘23


“I worked at my farm, drove my tractor, did not do my online school, and had bonfires every night with Josh.” – Avery Kenny ‘21


“I watched TV, played piano, and did my online school work.” Alec Lipinski ’22


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