Ginger of the Month – December Edition


Mason Sheridan ’20

Staff Writer

What can I say about Big Red that isn’t already known? Hayden is Nouvel’s Credit Union, supplying money to those who cannot afford food during A Lunch. Hayden is an athlete as well as a scholar, boasting a 4.4 GPA and taking part in many sports like Football and Basketball. Hayden is the ginger winner this month due to his bright red hair burning up the halls. I also felt obligated to choose him as this month’s ginger because it is the season of giving. By asking Hayden to buy you lunch, more often than not, “Big Red” will reach into his seemingly endless wallet and help you to buy food.

Another cool fact about Hayden is that he is in the same grade as his brother Liam, who also is quite active in sports as well as academics. The Simerson family are proud of their accomplishments as these two brothers help to make Nouvel a better place.


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