TV Shows to Watch

Here are a few shows for you to watch this month! These will include both those coming very soon as well as those to catch up on.


  1. Celebrity Big Brother: It’s not too late to catch up on this season of Big Brother, which features 12-time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte, Mean Girls’ Johnathan Bennett, and Kato Kaelin. Senior Allie Rivera about this hit show/social experiment says, “I’m really excited for the finale and I hope that Tom wins.”


  1. Riverdale: Riverdale recently came back from their mid-season file! Jump back into the adventures of Archie and his friends, and if you aren’t caught up, finally find out who the Gargoyle King is. Senior Marissa Milka says, “I’m so excited to see what Jughead and Betty do next!”


  1. The Perfectionists: This spinoff of the hit show, Pretty Little Liars, is coming soon to Freeform. Get ready to meet new characters, as well cheer for some fan favorites from the original series, such as Alison and Mona. Senior McKenna Adams says, “I’m very excited to see the connections to the original Pretty Little Liars as well as what’s new.”


  1. The Big Bang Theory: This is the twelfth and final season of this comedy series on CBS. Senior Emily Sadowski says, I enjoyed this show and I’m sad that it’s now coming to an end.” The series will come to an end with an hour long double-episode finale.


  1. You: Due to popular demand, Lifetime’s hit TV Show You was recently made available on Netflix. The show is based around Gossip Girl actor Penn Badgley, who portrays antihero Joe Goldberg, a stalker/killer that obsesses over young writer Guinevere Beck .


  1. The Good Place: This series is based around Eleanor Shellstrop, sent to a heaven-like utopia by mistake. This series in its entirety is on Netflix, and senior Madeline Champagne says, “I love this TV show and the most recent season finale was so good!”

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