From Working to Twerking


Taylor Schefka ’14

Staff Writer

The Miley Cyrus phenomenon continues to spiral out of control as 2013 progresses. Speaking as neither a hater nor a fan, I think we can all agree that her latest performance at the VMAs left us all speechless. The retired Disney star may have finally killed off Hannah Montana, as well as her career. Miley performed a provoking routine while singing her hit single We Can’t Stop. She twerked on bears, stuck out her tongue, and even danced around in a unitard. As if that did not shock the world enough, she also stripped down into almost nothing when performing with Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. MTV was forced to bleep out the word “Molly”. The popular club drug is referred to directly in Miley’s lyrics; it is rumored that the twenty year old was on it during her performance. Referring to her raunchy display as a performance, is being polite. The young star clearly has some issues in her overall attitude. In a recent interview with the Sunday People Miley was quoted saying, “I have so many issues. I am so messed up, everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up.” Coincidentally, Liam Hemsworth broke off their engagement because of her recent behavior. Her lacking moral conduct leaves her fans and viewers wondering what she will do next. Yet another good girl gone bad, from Miley to Molly and from hillbilly sweetheart to obscene pop star.

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