Lauren Zamora and Donny Yeager are both seniors and their anniversary is September 25th. Some of their favorite memories together are the Pitbull and Morgan Wallen concerts they went to together. Also going to Frankenmuth for Christmas is one of their most recent. For fun, they like to go out to eat. Lauren’s favorite thing about Donny is his eyes and his selflessness as well as his empathy. Donny’s favorite thing about Lauren is her sense of humor, eyes, hair, and everything else.


Bre Burr and Tristen Elizalde are both seniors and have been dating since 8th grade! Their favorite memory together if they had to choose just one is their Senior year homecoming, but the time spent together they love. For fun, they go to the movies or go out to eat. Bre’s favorite thing about Tristen is how logical he is and never fails to make her laugh.


Syd Leslie and Rodney Imaurri are both juniors and their anniversary is January 9th. Syd’s favorite memory with Rodney is going to Splash Village with him. Rodney’s favorite memories with Syd were spent on spring break in Siesta Keys. For fun, they go on lots of lunch dates. Syd’s favorite thing about Rodney is his humor while Rodney’s favorite thing about Syd is her eyes.


Lance Karwat and Ava Schroeder, both juniors, started dating on December 31. Their favorite memory together is doing karaoke. For fun, they like to hang out together, relax, and take naps. Lance’s favorite thing about Ava is her smile. Ava’s favorite thing about Lance is his eyes. 


Skylar Bruske and Tanyen Trijo are both freshmen and their anniversary is August 10. Their favorite memory together is their first homecoming this year and hanging out afterward. For fun, they like to watch movies and play board games. Skylars’ favorite thing about Tanyen is how caring he is. Tanyen’s favorite thing about Skylar is her smile.

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