Fun Facts of February 2024!

Cindy Rishmawi

Staff Writer ’25

February is found to have been mainly a month about love, however, it is not only about that topic! It is very different compared to the other 11 months and has many special events that make it so special. Many people know about how February 14th is Valentines day. But, some may not have known that it was a very important religious culture made for other religions to celebrate love and meant for everyone to celebrate on. It, at first, was not for the main concept of love and was made for a more religious celebration of the Saint Valentine.

Fun fact about February is that it is the shortest month being 28 days compared to the average days of 31 or 30 in the other months. 2024, today, is an example of a leap year happening today this February! February is the only month to be able to have no full moons. In February, it does have 28 days, but because of a leap year that happens once every four years in February, it is actually 29 days. Another surprising fun fact is that February is the least common birthday to be born in compared to 11 months! The word Februa is a Latin word in the word February meaning, “to cleanse.” It was taken after a Roman festival that ritually purifies other people. February is known entirely as a love month as it includes days like, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, and other special important days. The month of February serves as a reminder to have love towards your friends, family, the one you like, and yourself! Early daffodils and and narcissus flowers usually appear in early January and early February. February and January were not meant to be apart of the calendar since it was supposed to be only 10 months and not 12. However, the Roman king Numa Pompilius added them to the calendar to follow the lunar year. Black History Month was made in February because Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass were born on February after striving for human equality.

Quick fun facts about Valentines Day. Chocolate is a symbol of love and it is the reason why you give or receive chocolates. Paris is known as the romantic city of love in February 14th because in 1400, it was the first time Valentines Day was celebrated. Valentines Day was invented by Pope Gelasius in the end of the 5th century declaring it as a day of celebration.

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