Thanksgiving traditions


Riley Mattheis

Staff Writer ’24

It’s that time of year again, when families gather to give thanks together to start off the holiday season. Here is what some of the panthers and their families do.

For Thanksgiving I go over to my grandma’s house where my uncles, aunts, and cousins all gather to eat a delicious dinner that my grandma spends the week preparing. After we eat dinner, the adults usually go into the family room to watch the Lions game, and the kids will either go downstairs or sit in the old toy room and watch tv, and just spend time catching up with each other. Then once the game is over and dinner is cleaned up, we help my grandma bring all her Christmas decorations upstairs and we help her start decorating for Christmas.
To celebrate, Lydia Schade, and her family all meet up at her grandpas house with her family. They eat a big Thanksgiving dinner together. After dinner the whole family joins together in playing a game of rummikub. Overall it is a great way to see some family that we may not see all the time because of how far away they live.

Though these are just some traditions, there are many other traditions that families could have to celebrate the day of Thanksgiving.


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