Staff Spotlight: James LaPorte

Ella Spence ’24

Staff Writer



Officer LaPorte is Nouvel’s new school resource officer for the 2023-2024 school year, who really makes every student’s day better once you pass him walking into school every morning. LaPorte lives in Bay City and went to high school at John Glenn. A fun fact about Officer LaPorte is that he was the JV basketball coach for three years at Nouvel. Now, LaPorte is our resource officer, and also the head coach for Bay City Central’s Varsity basketball team. 


How did you end up at Nouvel?

  • I wanted to be a school resource officer, and I also used to coach basketball here. I applied for it and ended up getting the job. 

How do you feel about the students/staff here?

  • I think the students are funny and easy to talk to, and the staff is professional. 

What’s your favorite memory so far of being at Nouvel? 

  • Field day during Homecoming week, more specifically the limbo competition. 

What are you looking forward to throughout the school year? 

  • Building relationships with more kids and getting to know everyone. 

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