Top 5/ Worst 5 Thanksgiving Foods

Top 5

  1. Turkey- Of course, we had to make sure turkey was in the top 5. When you think of Thanksgiving, you think of turkey. You are bound to have leftovers and you get a wishbone each year. More than 80% of Americans have turkey at their Thanksgiving meal so we give turkey the #1 spot. 
  2. Mashed potatoes- Mashed potatoes may be the most liked Thanksgiving side dish that even the picky eaters will eat. You can’t go wrong and boy are they delicious. 
  3. Chicken- This one is for all the picky eaters who refuse to eat turkey. It is a must-have yet a basic, that way everyone is happy. 
  4. Pumpkin Pie- Pumpkin pie screams Thanksgiving. Whether it is store-bought or hand-made it tops off the feast with a satisfying end. Ice cream and/or whipped cream must be served with it though in order for it to be in a contestant in the top 5. 
  5. Gravy- Last but not least, gravy is an essential piece to Thanksgiving dinner. It is interchangeable with what you put it on, but it makes everything 10x better. 

Worst 5

  1. Cranberry Sauce- Cranberry sauce may be the most controversial Thanksgiving food. You either love it or hate it, and there is no in-between, yet most people are on the hated side. 
  2. Vegetables- This could be carrots, green beans, squash, or corn. The most annoying dish there is since your parents make you put some on your plate and you can’t get dessert until you’ve eaten a few. Not to mention they taste pretty bad too. 
  3. Green Bean Casserole- Great more vegetables! For some reason the green bean casserole always ends up on the Thanksgiving table, but have you ever even seen someone eat it?
  4. Ham- Ham is like the third wheel at Thanksgiving dinner. Half of the family eats the turkey, half of the family eats the chicken, and then the ham is just sitting there barely getting touched, left out in a sense. Except, have you ever been to a Thanksgiving dinner where there isn’t ham? Probably not. 
  5. Yams- Have you ever even had a yam? Yeah me either, but by the looks and smell, it’s not tasting too good.

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