Summer Break Comes to an End

Image85207Riley Mattheis ’24

Staff Writer

As the school year starts to get back in full swing after a much needed summer break here is what some of the NCC Panthers did over their summer break.

Derek Bauer

“Over the course of 3 weeks I took a 6000 mile trip across the country. Over the course of my trip some of my favorite spots were Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and the Arches.”

Lily Koester

“Over the summer I traveled with my family to Connecticut to visit my older brother, I also attended drum major camp at MSU to prepare for marching season this year, and I went to Ford Field where I saw the Taylor Swift Eras Tour.”

Kaitlyn Miros

“I went up north with my family and went wakeboarding, water skiing and swimming. I also worked at the Saginaw Country Club.”
Jacob Mattheis

Jacob Mattheis

“Over the summer I worked at Camp Lu Lay Lea for 4 weeks, and soon after coming home from that I attended many football practices leading up to C-camp to prepare for our season.”

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