Exam Week Schedule

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Christian Zamora ’22

Staff Writer 

After a reschedule due to Covid , the following is the updated plan for exams next week:

Monday (1/17) 1st and 4th hour exams – 1st hour is at 8am and 4th is at 10:30am

Tuesday (1/18) 2nd and 6th hour exams – 2nd hour is at 8am and 6th is at 10:30am

Wednesday (1/19) 3rd and 7th hour exams – 3rd hour is at 8am and 7th is at 10:30am

Thursday (1/20) 5th hour and makeups – 5th hour is at 8am and any makeups at 10:30.

Make sure to check with your teachers for makeups due to availability or scheduling issues.

Friday (1/21) : NO SCHOOL, Teacher Records Day

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