School with Covid-19

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Lauren Shaheen ’21

Staff Writer

Returning back to school each August is always a change, but this year is especially different. In order to be at school in person we have to follow many new rules. Some basic requirements that you have probably noticed are wearing masks, staying distanced, and bringing the screening form everyday. The drinking fountains are also off limits except for the water bottle filling part. Although these things are annoying, at least we can be in school and with our friends. Besides the obvious changes, the teachers are doing many things behind the scenes to keep things clean for everyone’s safety. Teachers have to sanitize desks in between every class and some are trying to reduce paper use or even go paperless. There are also hand sanitizing stations throughout the school for everyone to use.

Despite all the unfavorable changes, some good has come out of this. We are finally making more use out of the courtyard! It is being used much more often now for working on schoolwork and eating lunch. Also, the girls golf team has made a come back after not having a team for three years.

Said NCC teacher Mrs. Adelman, “The students are doing very well following the new rules and adjusting. They are helping us all stay safe and allowing us to attend school in person”.

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