Exam Week Schedule

2020 Exam Schedule:
Mon, Jan 13: 1st hour from 8:30–10am and 4th hour from 10:30am til noon
Tues, Jan 14: 2nd hour from 8:30–10am and 6th hour from 10:30am til noon
Wed, Jan 15: 3rd hour from 8:30–10am and 7th hour from 10:30am til noon
Thurs, Jan 16: 5th hour from 8:30–10am and makeups from 10:30am til noon
Home and School will be providing donuts and juice/ milk during the exam break from 10 til 10:25am, Monday thru Wednesday, in the cafeteria. 
Also, just a reminder that exam days are jean spirit days- Tuesday students may wear purple (or their Team Carmen shirts) with jeans to support NCC parent Dr. Carmen Szilagyi as she prepares for cancer surgery. 

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