NCCPantherPrint Bracket Update


*UPDATE* The Winners are in after the conclusion of the NCAA Tournament. UNC took home the title after a close battle with Gonzaga. We congratulate all the teams who participated and it truly was a year of Madness!

The Winners are as follows

1st Place: Steven Ray with 179 points

2nd Place: Mrs Chaltraw with 163 points

3rd Place: Jacob Grigg and Harry Dwan with 162 points!

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you everyone for participating. Your entry fee will be going for charity specifically at the hoops for the homeless game played this Friday.

After the conclusion of the Elite 8 games, the following brackets are in the lead for the NCCPantherPrint contest:


1. Steven Ray (169 points)

2. Mr. Frankland (148 points)

3. Dave Yats (147 points)

4. Billy Scharf (142 points)

5. Mrs. Chaltraw (141 points)

6. Harry Dwan and Jacob Looby #1 (140 points)

8. Jacob Looby #2 and Christina Buko (137 points)

10. Ben Yats (136 points)


Details: This year has been a crazy tournament. Many of the higher seeds have been upset causing most of the brackets to have their Final Four and Champions predicted wrong. However, Mrs. Chaltraw and Harry Dwan have North Carolina winning it all. Also, be on the lookout for Mr. Reis. Although he is not in the top ten and only has 134 points, he chose Oregon to win it all. Lets hope the madness continues and we will have yet another great finish to the NCAA tournament.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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