Let’s Talk About Clubs!

Iris Patel ’23

Staff Writer 

Since the start of the new school in August, Nouvel’s extracurricular clubs and organizations have been hard at work getting things ready for Homecoming Week and planning events for the upcoming year. Here are some updates on what each group has been up to:

Student Government– Each grade’s six elected officials that make up this club have been working on Homecoming week. They have been organizing the themes for each day, as well as the activities that will be happening during the week.

Spirit Club– The club in charge of keeping school spirit up has been busy since the start of the school year. They have made signs to be put around the school to support our sports teams, came up with themes for the games for every week, and are working on decorations to put on the lockers around the school.

SADD– This club, otherwise known as Students Against Destructive Decisions, is dedicated to preventing and spreading awareness about underage drinking, drug use, and impaired driving. For their first project, they are planning a beer goggles simulation at lunch and will be tying ribbons onto people’s car door handles for homecoming week to remind them to be safe and make good decisions.

STEM– This is a new club this year at Nouvel. Throughout the school year, they plan on doing things like dissections, playing with robots, chemical experiments, and anything else science related at least once a week after school. They would also like to bring STEM speakers to the school to talk to the students as well.

PAWS– The Peer Alliance for Wellness Support is another new club at Nouvel this year. This club is solely focused on the mental health of all NCC students. They created a lounge for students to go to when they are feeling overwhelmed or need a break. There is also a caring closet where school polos, hygiene products, food, and other things are there if needed. If anyone needs anything from the closet, they can scan the code outside of the wellness room, and our counselor, Mrs. Boros, will give it to them. PAWS also participated in a walk for hope in August for suicide awareness.

Protect Life– This pro-life club is getting ready for Saginaw County’s Right to Life banquet on Monday, September 26. They have also asked a sponsoring keynote speaker to come in and talk to the school. His name is Daniel Compton, and he will be coming to Nouvel on Monday, September 26 as well.

National Honor Society– This club is technically an organization. They work on a different service project every month. For August and September, they are focused on putting together blessing bags. Products necessary for living will be put into these bags. Each Nouvel family will be given a bag, and if they happen to see someone homeless or in need, they will give the blessing bag to that person. NHS is also sponsoring the first blood drive of the year September 15.

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