College Football Predictions

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Clemente Wendt ’21

Staff Writer

This years college football season has had it’s ups and downs for basically almost every team in the country. Canceling at least one or more games this season, but some teams have been lucky than others getting to play more than five games this season. With all that being said it’s time for the college football playoff predictions. The four teams making the playoffs will be Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. Now things could shake up with Clemson and Notre Dame playing in the ACC championship game this week and could possibly knock one of two out of the top four. With this being said my back up pick if one of those teams were to be knocked out of the top for is Texas A&M. Now it’s time for the big prediction, and the teams making it to the National Championship game are Alabama vs Ohio State. I have Alabama winning the title because their team is more well rounded then Ohio States where their team is more offense driven.

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