Thanksgiving Break

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Lauren Shaheen

Staff Writer ’21

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! We will have a half day on Wednesday the 25th, and school off on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. That means we only have 2 1/2  virtual days of school the week of Thanksgiving before the long holiday weekend.

Some members of the Nouvel Community have exciting plans for the holiday!

Jenna Kiss’ fake cousins from out of town are coming to Freeland to celebrate, and Sydney Norris’ family is coming into town from Texas. Avery Kenny will be going to Colorado to ski over Thanksgiving, while his brother, Reece will be going up north to his aunt and uncle’s house. Viviana Fabiano is also going up north for the holiday. Ella Spence was supposed to go to Florida but is not anymore due to covid-19. Seniors Max Groya and Marcella Molinar will be eating ham for Thanksgiving instead of turkey because they both don’t like turkey. Rowan Fila will be hanging with the homies and eating food over break. Josh Siler will be hosting his family’s Thanksgiving at his house for the first time ever!

Have a great Thanksgiving Nouvel!

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