Nouvel’s Ginger of the Month

Mason Sheridan

Staff Writer ’20

Our very first nomination for Nouvel’s Ginger of the Month is Ryan Hunt ’20. Ryan is a successful student here at Nouvel and wears his red hair with pride! He enjoys things in life such as CoD: mobile and his dog Charlie. Ryan is a┬ámember of the Varsity Football team and SADD, and is planning on joining the baseball team, again. Ryan stands at a towering 5’8 as he looks down onto those who oppose him. His favorite food is potatoes as he said “I enjoy a good starch.” Ryan has a 3.4 GPA, showing his strengths on and off the field. he plans on attending Harvard in the fall, in pursuit of saving the rap game. Everyone say Congratulations when you see this Panther roaming the halls!

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