Dec 12

PR Christmas Week


Miguel Jaime II 19′

Staff Writer

The Public Relations class of NCC is doing some amazing events for Christmas week. The first event lasts from December 13th to the 19th. That event is Candy Canes with messages on them that you can send to a friend, which will be sold during lunches. The second event on December 14th will be handled by the Advance PR class. It is a community project for the WellSpring Nursing Home next door. The third event will be held on December 18th, which is the Christmas Assembly. Make sure to remember the modified mass schedule being 1st-4th hours, 6th hour(11-noon), 5th hour, lunch, and 7th hour. 9th and 10th grade will have Reconciliation at 10:30 (students will miss part of 4th and 6th hours). Dismissal to go to the assembly will be at 2:15 pm to the gym. On this day you will also be allowed to wear an ugly Christmas sweater or green/red shirt with jeans.

On December 19th the Christmas Movie Day will be happening and there will be a half day schedule. You are allowed to wear Christmas Pajamas on this day. There will be a holiday themed lunch with the Seniors and Juniors being dismissed to the cafeteria at 11:55. The Sophomores and Freshmen will be dismissed to the cafeteria at 12:05. Everyone will be dismissed to the PAC for the all school movie, Home Alone at 12:40. December 20th we will have Mass. It will be a dress-up day. Finally, December 21st will be a half day with a green and red spirit day. It will be a fun weekРeveryone have a great holiday and be safe!

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