Word on the Street

Cam Fluder ’16 and Mitch Morley ’16

Staff Writers and Life Experts


The purpose of this column is to give advice, from a guy perspective, to anyone pondering  the many questions of life. For our first topic we will take a look at the question: Is the Sadie Hawkins Dance actually fun?

First, allow us to introduce ourselves…

Cam Fluder- Senior news writer who has never attended a Sadie Hawkins dance and is curious if he should check it out this year.

Mitch Morley- Senior news writer who has been to the last two Sadies.

Cam: Hey Mitch, I was thinking about going to the Sadie Hawkins dance but I’ve never been to one and the word on the street is that you’ve been to a couple and I was wondering what it was like.

Mitch: Like anything else it’s only as fun as you make it, if you come into it with a good attitude and aren’t afraid to dance then you’ll have a good time.

Cam: Oh so what you’re saying is don’t pretend that you’re too cool to dance with your friends?

Mitch: Exactly! Coming from a senior high school is too short to not enjoy all the dances that you can.

Cam: Alright well then I’ll see you there man!

Many of you, like Cam, might be questioning if you should go to the dance or not. Girls, if you are contemplating asking a date or not then stop pondering, life is too short to not take chances! Man up and go for it! Asking a guy will finally put you into our shoes every time homecoming or prom rolls around. Guys if you are lucky enough to get asked, be gracious and appreciate your night as a princess.




We would love to make Word on the Street an ongoing column, but we need your help to keep it going, so be sure to leave a question in the comments or drop a question in the envelope outside Mrs. Chaltraw’s room (Room A125).  The question’s can be anything related to Nouvel or just life in high school, but please keep them school appropriate.


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