Craving for The Craving

Taylor Schefka ’14
Staff Writer


Photo by: Taylor Schefka ’14


The annual Fall/Winter Play has finally arrived! Everyone should find themselves in the PAC at 7 pm on one of the following days: December 5th, 6th, or 7th. To give you all a small preview of The Craving, the plot is about a writer, Terry who writes an overwhelming emotional screenplay about the reunion of a daughter and mother. Hollywood picks up the script and convinces Terry to sign a contract that allows them (little does he know) to alter the story. The script is ultimately turned into a horror story!
I got a chance to catch up with Bridget Bator, who plays the Director in the play. “The cast is zany and every character has a different personality. I think it is coming along really well; we had a lot of freshmen come and audition. It can get a little crazy on set sometimes because the new ones are still learning the ropes, but they have LOTS of good energy!” The producers, director, and actors are all going to make this a play for the books. Joining Bridget on stage as returning actors will be Noah Wolinski, Dylan Schnepf, Sarah Schultz, Mitchell Baker, and so many more.
Go get your Nouvel Drama Club fix and represent our fellow classmates by attending, it is going to be incredible!

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